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    Rivalling xpmode?

    Liz Virtuoso

      The advertising for vmware now is "better than xpmode".. while in terms of performance and capabilities in so many senses, you cant deny, you can run 64bit, duel cpu etc.. great.. ( I couldnt get xp mode to reliably run slackware, it ran the install and then screwed up)


      one thing XP mode has over vmware, in my mind, again,  without quesiton is its integration. Unless I really missed the way it works unity is really only available as a second start menu, and once you are logged into the vm. Whereas xp mode, integrates all installed apps with the current machines start menu, and quietly if necessary, launches the virtual guest, and runs the app. At which point the users documents is remapped to the local disk rather than the guests user documents, and everything.


      For the average person, this is better and more intuative. Once installed you can call upon the menu, it will change to the appropriate virtual guest mode to allow it, and so on. Surely to make this version truly better than xp mode, this is something we need to be able to do?


      Did I miss something? Am I being that stupid I missed it? or, is this something we are aiming for?

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          mdunn-vmware Expert

          Workstation can do most of what you ask, though it's not totally automatic like Virtual PC.


          Workstation doesn't change the host's Start menu, but you can make your own shortcuts:

          In unity, bring up the guest's launch menu and drag any shortcut to a folder or the desktop.  When you run that shortcut later, it will run that app in that VM, even starting Workstation and switching to unity mode if necessary.

          You can also pin a unity window to the Taskbar.  Right-click a unity window's Taskbar button and select Pin this program to Taskbar.  Clicking that pinned shortcut will run that app as described above.


          We don't automatic folder sharing, but you can share any host folder with the guest by using the shared folders feature, under VM→Settings→Options→Shared folders.

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            Liz Virtuoso

            Hi.. Im a long term user of vmware workstation, esx and so on.. 


            I think you missed my point a little. Its not that we cant make workstation do sort of what xp mode does, but, I was mooching round the vmware workstation site, and then way its advertised is "better than xp mode" well from a ease of use, for people who have seen xp mode, which came all half done with a copy of xp installed all they needed to do was launch it, pick localles etc, and anything installed appears on their start menu so they can just launch it.


            From ease of use workstation is not up there with xp mode, yet its claiming to be better than.


            I hadnt noticed you could drag / drop the icons from the unity menu, however, it is not as seemless as xp mode, nor is it as useful as, xp mode uses the citrix style of mapping the local user documents off the host, to the guest, so all your files are there.. Launching visual studio from the icon dragged from the unity menu to the desktop, it tried to reopen vmware workstation and check it was in unity mode, when the guest was in unity in background..


            xp mode does this better..


            Dont get me wrong, as those who already know me know, I love vmware, and Im not a fan of MS' virtualisation, for countless reasons, however, xp mode is an awsome thing - long as you want windows, and 1 cpu.


            I am just trying to point out with the advertising claiming "better" surely we should at least match it.

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              mdunn-vmware Expert

              OK, so you're talking about the marketing text.  That's outside the dev team's control.

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                Liz Virtuoso

                True, but surely it would be helpful to be able to do some of the things xp mode does better? Or at least turn on the option to make it so, after all, I found xp mode easier to use for sticking apps in a vm bubble just because it auto published the app on my menu, I can launch it and it feels like citrix, in that my docs are there, so I dont need to copy them, or map a drive, they are there under my docs, the app launches quietly behind a tiny loading box, and then my app starts, its almost invisible that the app isnt running direct in my OS.


                Especially if marketing is shouting "its better than xp mode" .. as devs wouldnt you want to live up to that? After all, the major difference is how it publishes apps to the hosts menu, the fact its possible to drag an item off the menu, and so you can launch the app in unity as long as you've done so, most of the code is already there.. its just making it simpler, and . more like xp mode.

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                  JJoel42 Hot Shot
                  VMware Employees



                  I definitely appreciate your recommendation and we will consider making this easier for our users.  The ease of integration for end users is the one area that we recognize that MDOP has taken a different approach.  Fusion, automatically displays applications installed in the guest in Spotlight and Mission Control and associates file types to programs running in the guest OS.   It is worth us considering adding similar capabilities to Workstation/Player and we will see what we can do!


                  With that said.... I still think we are "Better than XP Mode"!!!!


                  We are interested in finding out how many people are even running XP Mode?

                  Thank you for posting your suggestion!