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    Add specific counters to vCenter statistics level

    MKguy Virtuoso

      Since we upgraded to vCenter and ESXI 5.0 I noticed a few important statistics counters to be missing (not realtime ones), namely VM IO statistics like datastore.numberReadAveraged.average and datastore.numberWriteAveraged.average.


      I used to collect these along with other counters for daily and monthly resource usage statistics via powerCLI, but now they are not being added to the vCenter DB as rollups anymore. For the record, virtualDisk.numberReadAveraged.average and virtualDisk.numberWriteAveraged.average are not being collected either now.


      Of course I know how I could set the statistics level from the default level 2 to level 3 in the vCenter Server Settings. However, I don't want to blow up my DB with loads of superfluous data when I only really need a handful of counters to be collected like in the past.


      So in a nutshell, is there any way to granularly control which counters are part of which statistics level, so I could just add datastore.numberReadAveraged.average and datastore.numberWriteAveraged.average to my current statistics level?