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    Having Trouble Finding Support Version of Ubuntu 10.04.01

    RubenEGraff Novice

      I have been pulling my hair out trying to find the supported version of Ubuntu Server that will work with Studio 2.7.   According to the documentation  I need


      32-bit Ubuntu-10.04.4-Server-i386.iso with hash 01f72c846845e4e19aec8a45912e5dda.


        I found one version of 10.04.1 but the build errored out stating the hash was wrong.   I even tried the Lucid 10.04 release and changed the hash value the OS tab but got " Conflicting distribution: stable Release (expected stable but got lucid"  )   and errored out shortly later. 


      Ubuntu's home site does not list this version.  Does anyone know where to find the supported version with the correct hash?