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    CentOS 6.x support?

    xu9j4 Novice

      I am hoping to create an appliance using Centos 6.2 minimal x64 or any other version of 64 bit CentOS 6; has anyone successfully done this with Studio 2.6?


      Tried using newos in the cli to create a new profile template but wasn't sure what else needed to be modified if I based it on the builtin RHEL 6 template.


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          reticent1 Lurker

          Yes, I was able to create a Basic CentOS 6.2 system. I recommend using the Rhel 6.0 as template.

          I originally used the CentOS 5.5 template but it uses some kickstart commands that are incompatible with CentOS 6.2.

          The RHel 6 template has the correct kickstart commands you need.


          In a nutshell this is what you need to do.

          You need to create the new OS templates using the cli. Follow the instructions on page 37 -- 38 of the Developer's Guide:


          studiocli --newos --osdesc "CentOS 6.2 64bit" --profile



          I made the suggested changes mentioned in the TODO_new_os file.


          I then used the new OS template to create my profile.


          The blog section of this group has additional information regarding creating a new OS that I found helpful.

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            bithead2 Enthusiast

            For others that stumble onto this thread, the correct command (all on one line of course) is:


            studiocli --newos --osdesc "CentOS 6.2 64bit" --profile