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    Import and Export of alarms in vCenter - utility application

    stripeyfish Novice

      Finding an easier way of managing alarms within vCenter has been bugging me for a while. I know there are the following VMware KBs to help:

      But these didnt really help provide something that was easy to use and backup / restore / return alarms to cutomised set. I also didnt want to get in to PowerShell and wanted something that could just be a standard Windows UI driven process. There have been several posts in the past and when vSphere 5 came out I expected this to be addressed out of the box but not to be!
      Anyway to cut to the chase have been brushing up on my C# skills and getting familiar with the Web Services SDK, serialisation and other things and have managed to put together something that thought I would share on the community forums. Also as a technical exercise and to learn a bit about WordPress, have started a blog to host it
      If you would like to be my guinea pigs please have a peruse of the User Guide I have put together for the application. The WordPress hosted blog has links to download the installer if you want to give it a whirl. All comments / feedback / bug reports(!) greatly received.