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    Studio 2.6 JeOS - custom inittab

    kaszak Novice



      First of all, I know JeOS is an experimental feature.


      I'm trying to build a JeOS based vApp, containing a custom /etc/inittab.


      I found a few different methods for it:


      - Making a custom RPM that contains /etc/inittab. This is currently not working, as Jeoser doesn't seem to use an "rpm -f" like method, in other words it won't overwrite files that belong to other packages. While this may be a sanity check, it would be easier to use this sometimes.


      - Making a custom RPM that contains an inittab somewhere (like /opt), and write a %post in the package control.spec to overwrite to stock inittab. This method works, but only at the first boot of the vApp. Also, the inittab doesn't seem to get properly re-read, even after a kill -HUP 1 or init q. This may have something with busybox. The vApp will need a reboot, and before the first boot it is garbaged. This is ugly.


      - Creating a custom jeoser commandline should work. The studio gui is bugged (on the Application tab the Application Installation Customization field is a dummy, stating it will get Custom JeOS Instructions, while it never seem to even read that field from the build xml - checked the python files).

      Adding --instructions addDirectory to jeoser commandline should be usable, but making the whole process a major pain.


      - Creating a custom ISO with the RPM, overwriting MD5sums, etc. Should never do a hack like that!


      While I' started with /etc/inittab, other existing files (like /etc/ssh/sshd_config) are effected too.


      Any ideas which would be a better way or how to replace stock files before booting the vApp? I would prefer if the gui field "Application Installation Customization" worked with addDirectory. Still don't know if addDirectory overwrites files though.