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    Scan for new datastores

    drosala Novice

      Will the ability to scan for new datastores be added to the vsphere-client?

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          I'm not sure I understood what you mean, but I'll say this:


          Navigator is a plug-in to vSphere web client (also known as NGC - Next Generation Client) which integrates with the VC and discovers the connections and dependencies among the VMs which the VC manages.


          We are currently working on v2.0 and since launching Navigator we've added more features, however the core functunality hasn't been changed.


          Let me know if this helps,


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            Hot Shot

            It sounds like you might be confusing vCenter Infrastructure Navigator with another discovery or management product. 

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              drosala Novice

              I apologies for not being clearer.   When you present a new SAN lun to a ESXi host, you normally have to rescan within the vCenter client.  I was hoping that vCenter Infrastructure Navigator would have that ability too.

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                Hot Shot

                Now I understand what you're asking. 


                That would fall outside the scope of vCenter Infranstructure Navigator.


                VIN operates in the application layer dependency space.  It will discover dependencies between VMs (guests running VMware Tools) by probing them and discovering what services are running and to which other system they are dependent upon. 


                For example an application server vm talking to its database.  VIN would then show the relationship between the two servers.