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    IP address, DNS name not displayed in Summary tab

    mpjames Novice

      This question has been asked before but I haven't been able to resolve it. This happens with multiple (but not all) VMs on multiple hosts.



      ESXi 5.0.0, 469512 running on Dell PowerEdge 1950. I have the Dell OpenManage components installed. I don't think it's the OM tools, because some VMs do have the IP address and DNS Name displayed on the same host.



      Centos 5.6, 32-bit, and Guest OS is set to Centos 4/5/6 (32-bit)

      VMware-tools (build-425873)

      VM version: 7 and 8


      Problem: IP address, DNS name don't show on Summary tab for the VM in the vSphere client. Something else I've noticed - when connected to the host directly, the Guest OS: field of an affected VM is populated. When connected to vCenter, the Guest OS: field for the same VM is blank.


      Troubleshooting (things that didn't work):

      1. rebooted guest

      2. uninstalled vmware-tools, re-installed vmware-tools

      3. removed/re-added VM from host inventory.

      4. restarted services.sh on host

      5. from KB 1013371, added isolation.tools.setinfo.disable configuration option and set it to false. But since the parameter wasn't there in the 1st place, I don't think it had any effect.


      Thanks for any and all suggestions. --Mike