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    Cannot download software packages from patch source

    TBKing Enthusiast

      vCenter 5 / vUM 5

      ESXi 5


      Error msg in vCenter console when trying to Stage patches or Patch a server:

      "Cannot download software packages from patch source.  Check the events and the Update Manager log for download details"


      This is a new setup, so this is the first time trying.


      I have 3 baselines:

      Critical Host

      Non-Critical Host

      HP Baseline


      I DO NOT get the error when I stage or patch Just the Critical Host baseline.

      I get the error when trying to stage the Non-Critical or HP patches.

      And I can remediate the non-critical (maybe this is an order of execution issue .. remediate critical first...?)


      But I get the same error if I try to stage or remediate the HP patches.


      VUM did successfully connect and download the patches from the websites.  I can see the files and metadata on the vUM server.

      It seems the error refers to moving the patches from vUM server to the host.


      I looked at the logs, but I don't see anything apparent.


      Any ideas?