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    Bridge not working and can't ping gateway

    splity Novice

      Hi everyone,

      I wonder if you can help. This has baffled me.


      I have a Centos5 host and a centos5 guest in vmserver 1.0.10. I have another gust XP.

      I have two NICS eth0 and eth1[used for internet/don't care about it]


      Host has ip and gw

      Guest has and gw, bridge

      XP guest has and gw, host only


      I can ping from XP>>host>>XP and access the webserver[host]

      I can't ping host>>guest centos>>host. I can't even ping the gw .123.254 from either. I get Destination Host Unreachable


      I have checked routing and it's correct, /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts all correct, vmnet0 is mapped to eth0, ifconfig correct.


      I need an apache webserver on host and another webserver on centos guest.


      Any ideas?