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    VMware Workstation Technology Preview 2012 vmrun nogui broken?

    splendid2k Lurker

      I've upgraded to the beta of VMWare Workstation as I've also updated to Lubuntu 12.04 (from 11.10) and was getting the incompatibility issues with the new 3.2 kernel.


      I have a line in my cron to load the VM at reboot:


      @reboot exec /usr/bin/vmrun start /home/jon/vmware/climateMon2/climateMon2.vmx nogui &


      This worked fine until I upgraded to the new VMWare Workstaion. On further inspection it seems using vmrun with the "nogui" option causes something to go wrong. Using vmrun without "nogui" works perfectly but won't suit me needs.


      I have attached my /var/log/hostd.log and also the vmx file of the VM I'm trying to load.


      Anyone got any idea what could be going wrong and how to fix it?