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    Weird VM Behavior - VM's unreachable from some locations?

    manfriday Hot Shot

      This is weird.


      A customer calls, complaining that his VM has gone offline. Cant ping it, cant reach it via RDP.

      I try to ping it and I can't ping it either. My co-worker sitting across the desk from me tries to ping it, and can access it just fine.

      My Co-worker and I are on the same network/vlan.


      This issue appears to only occur when trying to access the VM from another vlan. If it isn''t routing across the gateway, it's ok.
      The networking team assures me that the switches are set up correctly.


      rebooting the VM does not help.

      Updating the hardware version and vmware tools does not help.



      What DOES help is this:

      add another virtual nic to the VM. You don't even have to configure it in the OS.

      Just add it, close the VM properties. open them back up, remove it, and close them again.

      The issue is resolved.


      I thought maybe duplicate MAC's could cause an issue like this, but it does not appear to be a duplicate MAC issue.



      anyone seen something like this?