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    Difference between 'virtual appliance' and 'vApp'

    lbalders Novice

      What is the difference between 'virtual appliance' and 'vApp'? Reading VMWare

      documents and extensive googling have not resulted in a clear answer.


      According to the 'Developer’s Guide to Building vApps and Virtual Appliances',

      both can contain one or more VMs. But it seems that vApps can only be run

      in a hypervisor environment, and not a hosted environment.


      Thank you.

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          mcowger Champion

          A virtual appliance is a generic term for an application delivered as a prebuilt unit.


          vApp is a VMware specific term for an application encapsulated within a vApp pool (which works on both hosted and hypervisors).  The vApp can define a number of specific things about the appliance, such as performance/resource pools, IP address allocation policies, firewall requirements, etc.

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            hemantha201110141 Novice


            I'm a newbie to vApps and I have a similar doubt.


            1. I have a windows VM installed/running and I converted it to OVA format. Can I call this OVA file a vApp ? (Or simply a virtual appliance?)

                On which vmware products/platforms can I play this OVA file ? (among ESX/ESXi, Workstation, Player etc.)


            2. Now, using VMware Studio, I built a vApp by importing an already existing VM (in OVA format). Now, I have a vApp containing a single VM.

                On which products/platforms can I play this vApp ?(among ESX/ESXi, Workstation, Player etc.)


            thanks in advance.



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              Tsjo Hot Shot


              1. It's a virtual appliance and it can be used in ESX(i), Workstation and Player.

              2. vApps can only be used in a vSphere enviroment with DRS enabled.


              The information is available in the administration docs.