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    JeOS CentOS Linux 5.5 [template] VM fails to boot

    lbalders Novice



      Running VMWare Studio virtual appliance 2.6 in VMWare Workstation 7.1 on x64 running XP-SP3. .
      Downloaded CentOS-5.5-i386-bin-DVD.iso
      In VMWare Studio:
      Create profile using template 'JeOS CentOS Linux 5.5 [template]'
      Used all default settings except:

      os tab: user accounts, add user, testuser

      output tab: output format: OVF OVA ZIP
      output tab:IP address deployment choices: Prompt for an IP address, and retrieve additional parameters from an IP Pool, and check DHCP and Fixed or Transient
      Validate: Profile validation passed, no errors found
      Save and Build

      No application packages, just building a test virtual appliance

      This successfully creates OVF OVA ZIP

      Download zip, unzip, contains vmdk and vmx files

      VMWare Workstation, open existing VM, find my vmx, open; guest OS shows as 'other' not CentOS;

      power on, VMWare logo shows for approx 2 seconds, then back to VM powered off screen

      Log files attached: verbose log: jeosverb.txt , debug log: jeosdbg.txt


      As a test, I created a VM with profile using template 'CentOS Linux 5.5 [template]'. This VM boots and is fully functional.


      Thank in advance for assistance.

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          lbalders Novice

          I've made some progress, but still No Joy.


          'jeoser' apparently acts, trimming OS packages, depending upon which application packages to be loaded.

          So I retried build specifying application packages - and got a successful build.

          VM Guest-OS is still 'other', not CentOS 5.5.

          Power-on VM results in power-off after 3 or so seconds.


          Attached files:

          VMWare Studio verbose log: jeosver2.log

          VMWare Studio debug log: jeosdbg2.txt

          VMWare Workstation log for VM power-on: vmware.log


          The pertinent portion of vmware.log:

          Apr 27 16:04:23.013: vmx| Msg_Post: Error
          Apr 27 16:04:23.013: vmx| [msg.guestos.noname] The configuration file does not specify a guest operating system.
          Apr 27 16:04:23.013: vmx| Please select a guest operating system from the General page on the Options tab of Virtual Machine Settings.
          Apr 27 16:04:23.013: vmx| ----------------------------------------
          Apr 27 16:04:23.013: vmx| Module GuestOS power on failed.


          Thank you.

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            prasadasokan Novice

            Just edit the settings and under Option, choose Linux instead of Other and the VM will boot.

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