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    -ash: syntax error: "(" unexpected

    peter79 Enthusiast



      I'm trying to run the following command on a ESXi host


      vmkfstools -D /vmfs/volumes/4c65471b-9240722d-2b35-002655d9c101/"Win\\ 2k8\\ Std\\ 64\\ bit\\ (CC6)"/Win 2k8 Std 64 bit (CC6).vmdk


      but I keep getting the error -ash: syntax error: "(" unexpected.


      Any ideas?

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          nielse Expert

          U need to use a \ before ( and )


          vmkfstools -D  /vmfs/volumes/4c65471b-9240722d-2b35-002655d9c101/"Win\\ 2k8\\ Std\\  64\\ bit\\ \(CC6\)"/Win 2k8 Std 64 bit \(CC6\).vmdk


          I suggest using quotes around the whole part:


          vmkfstools -D "/vmfs/volumes/4c65471b-9240722d-2b35-002655d9c101/Win 2k8 Std  64 bit (CC6)/Win 2k8 Std 64 bit (CC6).vmdk"