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    vCenter Server on a Diskless/Stateless Hosts

    bcoyxp Novice



      I am currently having vSphere 4.1 environment. With this setup, I am able to deploy our Windows-based vCenter server as a VM applied with VMware heartbeat, etc.


      With the release of vSphere 5 u1, i am looking into deploying this version utilizing the diskless/stateless as an advantage. but this put me into these questions:


           1. How Should i load/start my vcenter+autodeploy as a VM?

           2. Would there be any drawback if i load my vCenter+Autodeploy as a VM within the stateless clusters of hosts?

           3. What would happen if eventually (considering a worst case scenario) all my cluster hosts shuts off? (e.g. hosts loses power)

           4. What can you suggest as a design/approach?

           5. is stateless vpshere design applicable/recommended for large-scale and critical environment?


      Thank you very much.