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    Change in size of ova when exported

    Eshwar1116 Novice

      Hi All,



      I have an RHEL image with some software installed on one of my VM. When i shutdown and exported for the first time the size was 14.4GB. After some time i restarted and played for some time and exported back, surprisingly it was 9.45GB. I have no idea how this dramatic change has happened. For my perspective the installed software and RHEL are not more than 7GB.


      I wonder why it went to 14.4GB and down to 9.45GB.


      I just can't leave this unknown, please let me know your valuable feedback on this


      The exported ova is working absolutely fine. I haven't changed anything


      Thanks & Regards


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          asharpe Hot Shot
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          This is better question to post in the ESX or vSphere community forums, since Studio is not in the picture. However, it seems possible that your VM was exported thick in one case, and thin in another.  You don't mention the version of ESX, nor the actual size of the disks, though, so I more information would definitely help to narrow down the cause. Does this happen (the new smaller size) every time you export? And it might be important if you changed settings in the vSphere client for the VM that you might think were innocuous, but in fact were not.

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            Eshwar1116 Novice
            1) I am using ESX 4.1
            2) My Virtual disk size is 60GB, and in both the cases(smaller size and larger size) i exported using thin proisioning.
            3) Every time i export the image it is the same 9.45GB that is exported.
            4) I will post this quesiton in ESX and Vsphere communities also, thanks for your feeback
            Thanks & Regards