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    Dos 6.22 running slow in ESXI 5

    mikeweber3 Lurker



         I am very new to this technology and could use some help.   I am running a VMware ESXI 5.0.0  server  with currently only 3 virtual machines.


      1.   Novell 3.12 server


      2.   Dos 6.22  IPX workstation for remote control by REACHOUT over IPX


      3.   Dos 6.22 IPX/IP workstation for remote control by TINY over IP


      Currently I am only testing.  I am not even running the Novell  system, as we are still on our stand alone NOvell 3.12 server. 


      The problem is that in doing some benchmark testing the VMware workstation is about 3x slower than an old stand alone workstation.   I am attaching to the server via client 32 with the PCNTNW.Lan driver.


      Any questions or ideas WILL be apreciated.


      I did read on an old thread here that I could enable dual core processing of the workstation, but I can't figure out how to do that.