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    Where to download vCenter Server Appliance from?

    jwdaigle Enthusiast

      Im hoping someone can help me - I am stuck on step 0 :-)


      I have purchased VMWare Essentials, and would like to start with the low (er) effort option for installing vCenter, namely just downloading the appliance since it seems to be already configued etc for me.  Im sure I need to do some additional config, but I'm assuming its minimal.


      I easily found the ESXi and vCenter (the one that runs in Windows Server), but cannot for the life of me find the appliance.


      I did come across the 5.0.0 appliance with a lot of effort, but the documention I am following references 5.0.1.


      Can anyone point me to the 5.0.1 appliance? The ESXi and vCenter for WinSrvr are both labelled 5.0.1.


      Thank you in advance,