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    Why has VMWare ESXi 5 slow access to IBM M1015 / LSI 9240-8i RAID?

    tssk Novice

      I am building server for virtualization and wanted to go with  VMWare ESXi 5. I configured RAID10 on 4 disks connected to internal  RAID controller IBM M1015 (identical to LSI 9240-8i) and installed ESXi  without any problems. Only problem is that copying data to datastore (on  the RAID array) on host is slow - around 20MB/s. And I get about the  same speed when trying to copy data to shared folder on guest virtual  machine. Host network is autonegotiated 1000Full with 1000Mbit switch  and I used vmxnet3 vm card in guest machine.


      When I install MS Hyper-V on the exact same server with the exact  same RAID10 array I get speed around 110MB/s when copying data to the  Hyper-V host.


      I used latest available drivers for every system:

      ESXi 5 - LSI_5_34-455140.zip\scsi-megaraid-sas-5.34-1vmw.500.0.0.406165.x86_64.vib

      Windows - 5.2.112

      I even updated card firmware to 20.10.1-0077 .


      This card is entry level but recommmended on different places for ESXi. What am I doing wrong? Am I missing something?



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