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    Seeking room to share for VMworld San Francisco 2012

    daunce Enthusiast

      Last year I paid my own way to VMworld, and i ran out of annual leave, so the week of VMworld, i had to take as leave without pay! As much as I would love to go back this year, i don't think i can afford it.. unless, i can make some savings.


      I figured there's 20,000 people there, surely some people must have rooms big enough to share, or some hotels have the same price for a room with 1 bed or 2 beds.


      If you are feeling generous, you could book a room with 2 beds, and help myself and others make it there this year.


      non smoker.. I don't mind a few beers, but the content at VMworld is too valuable to miss with a hangover.


      Flying from Australia to SF, i'd be spending more time on a plane than i would in the room!


      I know the VMware community is pretty awesome, so don't let me down.