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    VMware ESXi 5.0 Update 1 breaks AutoStartManager (free license ONLY, awaiting patch/fix)

    EirikTF Novice



      Today I updated from build 515841 to 623860, the update reportedly was successful.

      However, I've noticed something very annoying - the host no longer automatically starts or shutdowns guests as configured. I've tried to turn the feature on and off, moved guests to "Manual Startup" then back to "Automatic Startup" - with various combinations of these settings, also rebooted host in between changes. But alas, no luck.


      In the "Recent Tasks" list in vSphere Client, the Auto Power On tasks shows up as completed, initiated by root, with "Start Time" and "Completed Time" having the same timestamp. The server log reports the following error (3rd line below):


      2012-03-16T07:08:27.296Z [6DE40B90 info 'TaskManager'] Task Created : haTask--vim.host.AutoStartManager.autoPowerOn-97171136
      2012-03-16T07:08:27.297Z [6DE40B90 verbose 'Hostsvc::AutoStartManager'] Powering on VM 5 with delay 120
      2012-03-16T07:08:27.333Z [6DE40B90 error 'Hostsvc::AutoStartManager'] Error in initializing PowerOp for VM 5 : vim.fault.RestrictedVersion
      2012-03-16T07:08:27.334Z [6DE40B90 info 'TaskManager'] Task Completed : haTask--vim.host.AutoStartManager.autoPowerOn-97171136 Status success


      RestrictedVersion? Did something happen to licensing features for free ESXi?


      Anyone else with the same problem/a solution?


      Thanks in advance!

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