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    ESX 4.1 U1 hangs on Setup

    SubnetJO Novice

      Good morning everybody.

      I have an issue I cannot figure out.

      I'm installing ESX 4.1 U1 on a machine. A simple setup in graphical mode from CD.

      Well, the setup hangs at 32% and states:


      "Status: 32% complete - Loading 34.storage-drivers"


      The leds on the HDs and the CDdrive are dead.

      The machine is an IBM x3690 with two internal SAS HD attached to a ServeRaid M1015 controller.

      The firmware driver of the LSi controller is 2.120.144-1325.

      The machine was previously installed with ESX 4.0 U3, but since we figured out that this version doesn't support the processor installed in this box, we wonted to upgrade to 4.1 U1.


      I have checked the internet and many articles, but with no luck.


      Can someone of you please help me?

      Any help is very appreciate.


      My best regards