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    Microsoft IE VPC images no longer work with Fusion 3?

    acesOver Lurker

      I have been downloading the Microsoft App Compat VHD's for a couple of years now to use testing sites in older versions of IE.


      They always would import correctly into previous versions of Fusion 3 but ever since Fusion 3.1.3 was released I can no longer import the images.


      Typically I would download the image file (like Windows_XP_IE6.exe) and then select Import in Fusion. The import would extract the VHD, load it up and then installed Windows XP as a VM.


      Now however, the extration works but the import process fails with the error:


      "The virtual machine may not have shut down cleanly. Shut down the virtual machine and try again."


      Once this error is encountered the import process stops and I am only left with the option to re-import the VM (which just results in the same error again.)


      Have anyone encountered this issue with the MV App Compat VHDs?