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    Confused about datastore name (not Canonical name)

    MichaelLeone Enthusiast

      I'm confused about something simple . I need to list out the MultiPathPolicy of all the datastores on all my hosts (this woulod be 5 ESX 4.1 hosts, and 1 ESXi 5 host, using PowerCLI v5). I was using this:


      Get-VMHost | %{$_.Name; $_ | Get-ScsiLun | Select CanonicalName, MultiPathPolicy}


      But that shows me the datastore name in the format "naa.600a0b800011115500005ab68a87764d", which is less than human-readable. :-) I want it to show as "DataStore_01", etc - the name I have given the datastore. What is that property? I tried to format-list it, but didn't see it ...


      So what do I need to select to show me that?