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    Cisco UCS and NetApp V-Series

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      Good afternoon.  We're considering a change to the server and storage underlying our virtual infrastructure.  We've been using HP c7000 enclosures, BL46x servers and traditional FC SAN with EVA6100 storage arrays for the past four years.  While everything works, we bought the arrays near their EOL, so that hardware is now showing its age, we're unable to introduce new drive technology (SAS/SATA) and they can't be easily expanded for more capacity using the existing FC/FATA drive$.


      We've heard a bit about Cisco UCS hardware as a viable replacement for the HP blade infrastructure, but I'd like to hear from someone in the community who is running the B-Series equipment with vSphere.  Do the virtual interface cards and unified fabric components work well for you?


      Regarding the storage; I've heard a bit about NetApp's V-Series appliance to integrate the capabilities of their Data ONTAP with my existing EVA storage and it will allow me to introduce their disk shelves with SAS or SATA drives to support my storage capacity/performance needs.  Has anyone in the area done something similar and does it work well with vSphere?





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          Hi Scott,


          I currently run UCS with B200M2 series blades.  Works great and it's easy to manage after you get the hang of it.  I do use the VIC adapters and they are really cool for carving up your virtual adapters to the host.   I don't run end to end FCoE but split out at the interconnects standard FC to Brocade switches.


          I'd be happy to talk to you more about it if you like.


          chris dot sterner at orlandohealth dot com




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            sgunelius Expert



            Thanks for the response!  It would be great to talk to you about your experience.  I hadn't planned on doing FCoE all the way either since I've got an existing fabric that while older (4Gbps) still works well and more importantly, I've got open ports left.  We've been working over the past two years with Chuck Ellis, Keith Osborne and Presidio to migrate off our old Alcatel network equipment and started hearing good things about UCS.  I hadn't paid much attention to UCS, but if they've risen to 2nd place behind HP in the domestic blade server market after four years, they must be doing something right.


            I'll fling you my contact information.  By the way, what do you guys use to host your VMFS?


            Thanks again.