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    Vsphere5 upgraded, now ESXi4.1 host cannot vmotion

    benwayj Enthusiast

      I upgraded my vsphere 5 (vcenter) yesterday. I did the upgrade to upgrade the DBs, then I uninstalled moved the DB to a new SQL server, and reinstalled (reattached) to the DBs.


      All my settings and everything are good.


      All my host are ESXi 4.1


      I cannot vmotion hot or cold and I cannot deploy a template.


      I noticed after the reinstalled all my datastores have a (1) after the name, its like that on all the ESX host.


      Doing a cold migration I get "the method is disabled by 'vm-241' -- Call "VirtualMachine.Relocate" for object "<vmname>" on vCenter Server "<vcenter name>" failed.