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    Unable to create a new virtual machine

    Cathal35 Lurker

      Have set up a new ESXi host but get the following error when I try any action to install a virtual machine;


      Exception of type 'System.Windows.Forms.AxHost+InvalidActiveXStateException' was thrown


      Have tried deleting the virtual from the disk and starting again but same problem. Log file attacxhed.


      Any ideas?

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          sakibpavel Hot Shot

          The public properties and methods of an ActiveX control can  only be referenced after the ActiveX control has been instantiated and  initialized completely; otherwise the  AxHost.InvalidActiveXStateException exception is thrown. The  AxHost.InvalidActiveXStateException  exception class contains the name of the member that made the reference  and the member type. Please ensure the ActiveX control you used has  been instantiated and initialized.

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            Umesh Expert

            Hi ,


            From where you are trying to deploy the VM is it a OS image file or you are creating from the existing VM image