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    Experience with VMotion and PeopleSoft

    CharlieBenson Lurker

      We are looking at a VM architecture for PeopleSoft application server (Tuxedo) tier.


      There would be multiple VMs, spread across 2 hosts. If one host goes down, the VMs are migrated in-memory to the other host, using VMotion. It is expected that this functionality will provide real-time high-avaliability, with no disruption of service.


      My understanding is that the VMotion move is not instantaneous, but rather takes a few seconds. We are wondering if anyone has any experience with Tuxedo-based applications (e.g. PeopleSoft) using VMotion, specifically wondering if there are any known issues with the tuxedo domains becoming unstable during a VMotion event, stale DB connections, etc.

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          weinstein5 Guru

          Welcome to the Community -  to correct one thing if a host foes down VMotiion is not used to move the VMs because for VMotion to work the hosts on either side must be functioning - if you are referring to VMware HA as the solution to recover form a host failure the VM will restrat on the remaining host(s).



          No on to you underlying question - even thought I have not had experience with Peoplesoft - I have experuience with other transaction applications and vmotion and I have note seen an isse with vmotioning those applications -