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    Cloning Oracle ASM disks

    bmfloyd Lurker



      We'll virtualize a physical Linux server having an  Oracle Database with ASM.  The physical server will remain untouched and  the new virtual will be under testing.  What do we must do respect to  the LUNs / volumes on which ASM has database data?  I guess we can clone them via SAN, but not sure what's next on the virtual server.


      Thank you very much.

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          hjnorris Novice

          Since you are using ASM, the SPFILE is also in ASM.  You will need to clone the OS, Software Trees and ASM disks and present them to the Oravcle VM.  This will give you the admin/diag directories as well as the password files.  The TNS and Listener files should be there as well. 


          On the oracle VM, start the listener.  Then start ASM.  You may have to do the localconfig delete and localconfig add tricks to clear out clusterware and reset ASM.  When you start ASM, if the ASM mount is the same, then the asm_diskstring will not need to be changed.  It should see the cloned ASM disks and mount just fine, otherwise change the asm_diskstring to reflect where the ASM disks are, bounce ASM and they should mount. 


          Once ASM is started and the diskgroups mounted, you should be able to start the database without any issues.

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            bmfloyd Lurker

            Thank you very much for the useful information.