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    Importing MIB's for received SNMPTRAPS

    fcbsmarts Hot Shot
      We want to receive snmp traps from HP Insite manager. We configured the trap to be sent to the local hyperic agent, which works, however the trap is sent in OID format....

      How do I import the MIB so that the trap is readable??? Do I need to go through the SNMP plugin to do this even though I do NOT want to do SNMP polling??? If so has anybody written an MIB importer for Hyperic?

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          perrymason811 Lurker

          Hello Hyperic Members,

          I am in the same situation. Now it's 2015. Can i ask if Hyperic team has taken a look of giving customer ways of importing MIBs in order to interpret or translate the incoming trap messages?

          If you are one of Hyperic customers, have anyone of you successfully done that before? Or, have anyone of you had any workarounds?