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    VMXNET is it available in SUSE 10

    Darthmauler Hot Shot

      I could not get this to come up. I had vlance and each time I rebooted I would lose my network connection. I am running GSX 3.2.0. I am just learning linux but a bit of help would be great, thanks

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          SundaY82 Novice

          I dont know if there is a binary module available for suse 10, i think not but dont worry. If you have some knowladge about compiling drivers there is a sourcs driver on the vmware-tools cd. I have compiled a driver for my debian guest and that is not supported official.


          VM->Install vmware-tools (from vmware console window)


          Mount cdrom (assuming that the cdrom isn't automounted and that the /cdrom folder exists)

          #mount /dev/cdrom /cdrom


          Unpack vmware-tools tar file to where you want it (assuming /tmp in my example)

          #tar zxvf vmware-linux-tools.tar.gz /tmp


          Unpack vmxnet driver

          #cd /tmp/vmware-tools-distrib/lib/modules/source/

          #tar xvf vmxnet.tar

          #cd vmxnet-only/


          Build driver (edit Makefile if you need to, I assume you have gcc and kernel headers installed or you will have to install them first)



          Copy vmxnet.ko to right folder and run it.

          #cp vmxnet.ko /lib/modules/"YourCurrentKernelVersion"/net/

          #depmod -a

          #modprobe vmxnet


          Then it should find the nics if you have set them to be vmxnet.


          There can be incorrect code above because I just wrote it out of my head but it should be pretty close.


          Im not a huge linux guru so there can be wrongs but atleast this worked for me using debian.


          Something you have to think about is that you have to run modprobe vmxnet every time linux starts. I put it in a startup script on debian but I dont know how suse handles that. I dont use a graphic interface so there might be other ways than using the console as i have.

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            SundaY82 Novice

            I just found another answer to your problem at this thread: