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    Hibernation always gets reset for a virtual Windows

    ahmd9 Enthusiast

      I was wondering if this was done by design or if it's some sort of a setting in Windows?


      Every time my virtual Windows restarts (doesn't matter which version: XP, Vista or 7) the hibernation seems to be disabled. I then go and enable it in Control Panel->Power Options (for XP) or via "powercfg.exe -h on" command and it starts to work only to be reset back to being off when I reboot the virutal machine...


      Is there any way to enable it permanently?

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          mfelker Expert

          I'm pretty sure these operations  need to done as the Administrator. one way which is pretty easy is to make a shotcut to /windows/system32/cmd.exe. say on the Desktop. IThen run the program (CLI) as Adminsitrator. If you don't need the shortcut f0r  future use just  run /windows/syte32/cmd.exe itself as Admnistrator. .  When you have a command window open as Adminstrator. - Window will ask for confirmation - the run "powercfg -/h on.  I believe dthat isi the right syntax.  Google powercfg to make sure.  Leep in mind tht the hidden file in the root directory (hiberfil.sys) may grow very larger ove time - it could even eat up most of your free space.


          Sorry for beinig so long-winded.  I want to actually do the reverse and kill the hyperfil.sys since I don't use hibernation on a desktop computer.