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    FreeBSD paravirtual drivers

    maverick213 Lurker



      I'm thinking of Virtualizing FreeBSD 9 and was told that IO would be an issue. In ESXi 5 can FreeBSD 9 be virtualized? Would you reccommend it? Has anyone done it? I'm worried about IO issues.





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          Jvdp Enthusiast

          I am not that familiar with FreeBSD 9, but this guy got it to work on ESXi and used VMDirectpath to access the disks directly. This would mean that it would be (almost) the same performance as running the OS native on the machine:




          I added the following to my loader.conf:




          This works around the problem, my VM can boot with the LSI passthrough.

          So I suggest, try and measure the IOPS :-)

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            maverick213 Lurker

            I have FreeNAS installed right now and I'm using it in a DEV environment to test the IO as opposed to a Hard install I have setup. The only thing is FreeNAS (FreeBSD 8) is limited in its iSCSI configuration.


            If I edit the loader.conf file will it effect the way my ZFS file system is configured?