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    PSOD after RAID reset- ESX 3.0.0

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      We encountered a hardware error with a Dell server last night which hosts ESX 3.0.0.  Investigations are ongoing with Dell as to the cause although it looks like a problem with the raid controller battery.  Anyway, a Dell Support person talked me through resetting our RAID5 array this morning as 2 of the 4 disks were offline.  We did not initialize/reformat the disks.  The RAID5 array is online again.  However, upon rebooting the server, I am presented with a PSOD as in the attached Normal boot.jpg.  When I reboot the server into Debugging mode, I am presented with the attached Debug mode.jpg.  I am not familiar with this version of ESX.  Any ideas?  This is hosting two vm's.  I do have a backup of both servers so if I have to, I can restore them to new vm's on our newer 4.1 infrastructure.  Thanks.