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    Actual Windows becomes unusable if virtual Windows hangs up on rebooting

    ahmd9 Enthusiast

      I'm curious if there's an easy method of getting out of this situation:


      I run VMWorkstation 8 on Windows 7 machine. One of the virtual machines is Windows Vista. So what happens is that at times when I try to reboot the virtual Vista it indefinitely hangs up in "Shutting down windows" message.


      At the same time the mouse disappears (like it'd do if Vista was installed in a real machine) and I can't seem to get out from the virtual machine into the real one.


      What I end up doing is hit Ctrl+Alt+Del on the keyboard and start task manager. Then the weird thing is that although this brings up the mouse back on the screen, it is limited to a small window (where virtual Vista is) and I can't move it out of that window. So if I'm lucky and the Task Manager gets into the same window as well, I start killing wmware*.exe processes until VMWorkstation closes and I can get my computer back and operational.


      Is there a better way to do this?