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    console freeze during vmotions

    taylorb Expert

      I recently made some big changes.  I P2V'ed our physical Vcenter 4.1 server and then upgraded it to 5.0.   Immediately after the upgrade, CPU utilization when through the roof, so I added additional vCPU (3 total now).  Cpu utilization seems fine now.  However, when I perform a major operation like a multi server Vmotion, any console windows that I have open on client computers, freeze for about 15 seconds.  The Vcenter VM is inlcuded in this.  The vmotion completes and as far as I can tell the VMs don't drop connectivity, it is just that the Console windows don't get updated or respond during the vmotion.   Once the Vcenter VM console comes back, I can see through task manager that the CPU never spiked past 50%.


      Any ideas of what to check?  Is it performance related?  I do have a local SQL standard running to host the vcenter DB, but that was never an issue on 4.1 with only 2 CPU and less RAM.