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    RDP and VMWare Server 2.0 in Windows 7 Professional

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      We have been using VMWare Server for 5 years within a Linux box but for various reasons we need to use a Windows system as the host.

      For now we have been using VMWare Server 2.0 without problems in Windows Server 2008 R2 but now I need to use VMWare Server 2.0 in a Windows 7 Professional.


      I have installed two computers with Windows 7 Professional x64 fully updated and both of them have the same problem with the RDP connection. Whenever I try to connect to the computer, I get the RDP Client box and when the message says "Configurin remote session" the box simply closes. There are no messages in the Event Viewer that could give me some hint about this. If VMWare Server is uninstalled, RDP starts working again but as I need VMWare Server there, I just cannot connect to the host's RDP.


      Everything else works fine, the VMs, the network, etc all but the RDP on the host. I have to use another approach but none of them give the same services as RDP do.


      Does anyone have experienced the same and knows what to do or is a problem I will have to bear with as VMWare Server stoped its support?


      If VMWare Player is used, there is no problem with RDP but the problem itself for VMWare Player is that cannot work as a service so it needs an user to logon and the VMs have to be manually closed in the host. If there is a power failure and the UPS sends the shutdown signal, the computer won't shutdown because of the running VMs.