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    ESXi 5 on HP ML110 G7?

    LoshieIT Novice

      I know this is not supported and not in the HCL, but has anyone got ESXi 5 running on a HP ML110 G7?

      If so how did you get it to install?


      I've tried HPs ESXi download and VMWAREs and both of them PSOD as they boot the installer.

      ESXi 5 working fine on my HP Microservers, why not my main lab machine.


      WOrks fine with 4.1, but as I now need to study for my VCP 5 PDQ I'd like to get this working.

      I've now spent a couple of days on it and I'm at a loss.

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          Virtualinfra Master

          Welcome to this community.


          If it say not supported in Vmware HCL. then its not supported.


          But still you will be able to install on few hardware with limited features.


          But you can try updating the firmware and installing new ESXi5.


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            LoshieIT Novice

            Yes tried latest firmware and disabling various bits of h/w already.


            But thanks for the reply

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              BharatR Hot Shot



              HP ProLiant ML110 G7 Server series is not in the HCL List,


              But for the R&D u can install the Supported hardware as Network Adapter HP NC360T PCI-E Dual Port Gigabit Server Adapter and Controller card

              HP Smart Array P410/ZM 2-ports Int PCIe x8 FIO SAS Controller
              HP Smart Array P212/256 BBWC 1-ports Int/1-ports Ext PCIe x8 FIO SAS Controller


              Have a Look with the below Link for HP ProLiant ML110 G5 Server which has install with the ESXi 5.0

              this is not a G7 Series but for R&D u can do it.



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                LoshieIT Novice

                Frustrating as some friends have their ML110 G6 working fine with ESXi5, without any additional NICs or RAID cards.

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                  Fred_vBrain Enthusiast



                  HP ESXI CD won't work because the included CIM Provided are not compatible to the ML110/115 Series.

                  Have you defined a RAID on the onboard RAID Controller?

                  Change the SATA configuration from RAID to AHCI or IDE Compatible.


                  I have a ML110 G6 and everything works fine. The G7 Server has the same SATA RAID Controller as the G6 (B110i) and the NC112i/NC112T network card is on the HCL.




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                    Erik Bussink Expert

                    Hiya LoshieIT,


                    I'm running into the same problems with the HP ML110 G7 with the E3-1220 Xeon. I also get the Pink Screen during the boot process.


                    I've made sure that the various BIOS settings are set (Intel VT, ) and for the SATA I've moved it to AHCI mode. I even removed the HP SmartArray P212.


                    HP ML110 G7

                    ProLiant System BIOS - J01 (05/20/2011)

                    Proc 1: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E31220 @ 3.10Ghz

                    HP Power Profile Mode: Maximum Performance

                    Power Regulator Mode: HP Static High Performance Mode


                    No-Execute Memory Protection: Enabled

                    Intel(R) Virtualization Technology: Enabled

                    Processor Core Disable: All Cores Enabled

                    Intel(R) Turbo Boost Technology: Enabled

                    Intel(R) VT-d: Enabled


                    So far no luck, I will keep you updated if I make any progress.

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                      Fred_vBrain Enthusiast

                      Hi all,


                      I have checked my settings on the G6 Model an found that my SATA setting is set to "Compatible"


                      I have also turned Turbo Mode off, but I think this is not the problem.


                      When does this purple screen appear? Before or after you have installed ESXi 5.0?


                      What kind of ESXi 5.0 Release/Install Medium do you use? The RTM Build is 469512 and your Build is 504890, which is a Patch Release.

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                        LoshieIT Novice

                        Hi Erik,


                        I've the same config here.




                        I've tried all the different settings for the on board RAID/SATA controller, with no luck.

                        Even tried the HP and plain VMware vanilla media/versions, both of which give the PSOD!

                        During the boot to install...  about 2 or 3 seconds after the screen turns yellow, it PSOD.

                        Exact error that's been screen shotted.


                        I've even prepped a USB key on one of my HP microservers, and it does the same thing as it does trying to install.

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                          LoshieIT Novice

                          I've also just remembered that a second or 2 before the screen turns yellow it has a orange error/warning appear on screen


                          Memory map contains over lapping ranges.

                          Multiboot memmap contains overlapping ranges.


                          Searching the web, I've found people with the same error messages, but they are not on ML110 G7


                          At the moment i've got around the problem with ESXi4 on the bare metal, with ESXi nested.

                          I needed to get some study in, as running out of time for my VCP4 to VCP5 upgrade.

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                            Erik Bussink Expert

                            Manfred & Bill


                            I've tried the ESXi 5.0.0 RTM Build 469512, the 504890 (which is the updated version you can download with the iSCSI fixes), I will also try the Build 515980 tomorrow using Auto-Deploy (my way of learning Auto-Deploy and PowerCLI for the VCP5 exam).


                            I've been digging in the BIOS to track down everything that impacts the memory, and I have done some settings that make the Boot process of the ML110 G7 so slow, I wonder if it's frozen (I was mucking with the 1GB hole, the memory speed etc...) But I ran out of time this evening. might need to pull the CMOS Batt to get my BIOS reset.


                            I've run memtest86+ release 4.20 on the stock HP memory (1x4GB) and on the Kingston KTH-PL313E/4G memory (4x4GB) and both work fine.

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                              Erik Bussink Expert

                              Bill I saw those orange message pass very quickly. Have not had the time to study the video of I did. Thanks for transcribing the messages.

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                                Erik Bussink Expert

                                Issue Fixed !!!


                                ESXi 5.0 runs great on the ML110 G7.

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                                  vlho Hot Shot

                                  Hi Eric,


                                  trust with your solution please ...


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                                    Erik Bussink Expert



                                    I wanted to validate and test the solution first.


                                    Here is my blog post http://www.bussink.ch/?p=382 on how to get ESXi 5.0 on the HP ML110 G7.


                                    But to cut it short, change in the BIOS in the Power Management \ Advanced Power Management Options \ Minimum Processor Idle Power State: C6 States

                                    And give it a spin...

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