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    VI-Client Sessions getIPs

    pfuhli Expert

      Hi there,


      did you ever wondered from which IP addresses your vSphere clients are connecting?


      Ok, you have the session list in your vSphere client but there you only are able to determine the username and the logon time. But what if you have role-based logins (the same logins a few times) and you need to know where a certain connection is coming from?


      I found out that there is obviously no way to get the source IP of a vSphere client login through the VMware API nevertheless there are some ugly methods to find out about the IPs from the logs.


      Please comment if you are in need of a PowerShell function to find out the client IP of a vSphere client.


      Hopefully this will result in a feature request to be fullfilled by VMware ;-)


      So please spread the word if you find this usefull, comment on this thread why you need this info and give a '+1'


      Best regards,




      P.S. Thanks to peetz and schepp for providing work arounds.