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    vCO - How to Get a VM

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      How do I get an existing VM in jscript? Something like:


      var vm = getVM("MyVMName");

      return vm;


      Sounds easy enough right? I couldn't find a single example.


      Many thanks!



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          cdecanini_ Virtuoso
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          If for vCenter try:

          var Pattern = 'yourVMname';
          var XPath = "xpath://name[starts-with(.,'"  + yourVMname +"')]";
          var VMs  = VcPlugin.getAllVirtualMachines(null, XPath);


          This is from Andreas D on another post on this forum


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            Burke- Virtuoso
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            Hello Jim,


            I suppose you could try something like this:



            var vms = Server.findAllForType("VC:VirtualMachine","xpath:name='"+vmName+"'");
            var vCenterVM = null;
            if (vms != null){
                if (vms.length == 1){
                    System.log("Match found for vm named: "+vmName);
                    vCenterVM = vms[0];
                    System.log("More than one VM found with that name! "+vmName);
                    for each (vm in vms){
                        System.log("VM ID: "+vm.id);



            Where your input is "vmName" of type String

            and the output is vCenterVM of type VC:VirtualMachine


            If you paste the code above into a Scriptable task, set the appropriate input/output, this should work. Ideally you would want to set this up as an action where you pass in a string and either get a VC:VirtualMachine object back or null back if not found. If you choose to do it that way, change the line:

            vCenterVM = vms[0];


            return vms[0];


            Additionally, my first line of code could also be written as:


            var vms = VcPlugin.getAllVirtualMachines(null, "xpath:name='"+vmName+"'");

            since that "VcPlugin.getAllVirtualMachines" does the same as the "Server.FindAllForType("VC:VirtualMachine" ... bit of code

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              jtokach Enthusiast

              So I ended writing a custom action like this:


              input params:



              return type:




              var vms = System.getModule("com.vmware.library.vc.vm").getAllVMsMatchingRegexp(strVirtualMachineName);
              if (vms != null & vms.length > 0) {
                   for (var j = 0; j < vms.length; j++) {
                        var vm = vms[j];
                        // returns the first instance
                        return vm;
              } else {
                   return null;


              Still can't believe this isn't in the API...


              Thanks for your help!