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    Solaris 10 x86 Guest OS and vlan 4095

    Dan Perkins Novice

      I have a Solaris guest OS that is supposed to run as a NIS slave on all the subnets.


      In most of my sites there is only 1-3 subnets. So had portgroups (with the vlans set) and had a NIC per portgroup on the guest OS. This works fine.




      In my biggest site, we have >8 networks I need the NIS slave to listen to. Our current NIS slaves are not virtualized and have vlan tagging setup on the OS to support all the networks on a single NIC.


      So I setup the Guest OS with:

            - NIC 1, vmxnet3 on a Portgroup with a vlan tag (for building / configuration)

            - NIC 2, vmxnet3 on a Portgroup with the special 4095 vlan tag.


      After install I configured vmxnet3s1 with a large number of intefaces with the correct tags.


      And I can ping these interfaces. But when I telnet to them the return traffic is lost.


      I added NIC3 and NIC4, both vmxnet3 on port groups with vlans tags. And it works fine.


      Is there any know issues with setting up vlan tagged interfaces on vmxnet3 adapters on Solaris?


      Anyone else seen this type of problem?



      - Daniel