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    VUM01 Incorrect

    aliby19 Novice



      I was looking through the latest revision of the vSphere Hardening Guide (4.1 Revision C - June 2011). In the Hardening Guide, VUM01's name is "Use least privileges for the Update Manager Database User."


      However, in the script, VUM01 is listed as "Install Update Manager on a different machine from vCenter." I don't believe this is in the hardening guide any longer.


      For reference, here are the vCenter Update Manager items noted in the hardening guide:


      VUM01 - Use least privileges for the Update Manager database user

      VUM02 - Keep the Update Manager system properly patched

      VUM03 - Provide Windows system protection on the Update Manager system

      VUM04 - Avoid User Login to the Update Manager System

      VUM05 - Do not configure the Update Manager to manage its own virtual machines or the virtual machine of its VMare vCenter Server

      VUM06 - Do not use self-signed certs

      VUM10 - Limit the connectivity between Update Manager and public patch repositories


      Thanks for such a great tool!