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    vExpert title doubt

    ranjitcool Expert

      Hey Guys,


      If I were to blog or do demos on vmware stuff, will I get the vexpert title?


      How do I go about getting one.


      Also i started my blog - http://vbag.itgrunts.com - will this lead me to getting the vexpert?


      Thanks gurus!


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          a.p. Guru
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          You don't automatically become a vExpert, it's being awarded. There are a couple of requirements which are taken into account (see http://www.vmware.com/communities/vexpert/ as well as the announcement link on this page). If you think you meet these requirement (it's always the last year that counts) you may apply for the vExpert Award (application is usually open for a few weeks in April/May, keep checking the above mentioned link)



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            ranjitcool Expert

            Thanks for that, what do you think of my blog, will that with significant additions qualify for vexpert atleast for 2013?



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              a.p. Guru
              vExpertCommunity WarriorsUser Moderators

              Unless I'm missing something your blog currently consists of two videos!?

              Now that you are just starting your blog, I'd suggest I will take a look at it in about a month or two to see what it then looks like and give you my personal opinion on it.



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                ranjitcool Expert

                Yes Andre,


                I just started the blog and I do it on the weekends. My blog will not be a text blog, instead its a video blog.


                The difference is my video blog follows vmware deployment and best practise guidelines, as in I show dictate and specify vmware guides and documentation - right down to the page.


                I am at a slow pace now but by 2013 April, I am hoping to have a good number of training videos loaded.


                Am I on the right track for vexpert 2013?



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                  Dave.Mishchenko Guru

                  I've moved your post to the virtual lounge.


                  I think it is difficult to say if one meet the requirements as a specific list is not published.  There are a variety of people that have been given this status and a number of them are not bloggers.  What is consistent with the group is that they have gone above and beyond to help others.

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                    ranjitcool Expert

                    Well thanks Dave,


                    Well I guess I will keep doing my videos and keep trying to help out others on the communities.


                    At the end, worst case scenario is I will walk out knowing more of vmware



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                      petedr Virtuoso

                      Also remember that the vExpert award for 2013 will be looking at your community work for 2012 only.


                      I think just do things to help the VMware community because you want to give back and participate. It is a great community to be a part of it and that is the main reason to be active. If you are a great community member, like was said going over and above then awards like vExpert will take care of themself.



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                        TomHowarth Guru
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                        As Andre has already stated, vEXPERT 2013 is awarded based on what was done in 2012.  your work on your blog which you have just started will stand you in good stead for your application in 2014.  but a blog alone will not guarantee status, but will help.

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                          schepp Virtuoso
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                          pssst, guys, this thread is one year old

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                            TomHowarth Guru
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                            well considering I just clicked his link and it went nowhere.  I think he has termininated his wish to become vEXPERT 2013 and www.itgrunts.com seems to be nothing more than an aggregation site.