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    ESXi 4.1 SSL Certificates

    jeffgetz Novice

      Hey All,


      I need to install new 3rd Party SSL certificates on three ESXi 4.1 hosts. I've scoured these boards and the internet in general and I'm confused about the process. Every post I've seen says to use openssl on a windows server. ESXi obviously is Linux based though. There appears to be a base OpenSSL install within ESXi, and it will let me create a new key, but when I try to run the 'openssl req -new -key rui.key > rui.csr' command it fails with an error about not being able to load an openssl config file.


      The procedures that I see online say to create the cert on the windows vm, presumably the vCenter server, and then push it to the host. Do you create a single csr and then push the resultant cert to each host? Am I missing something? My assumption is that individual csr's need to be created on each host. Is that not correct?