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    understanding esxtop network RX drop packets

    vmware796 Novice

      I want to make sure I understand what I am seeing when I look at esxtop in interactive mode. I guess a better way to say it is I want to make sure that my interpetation is correct..


      PORT-ID              USED-BY  TEAM-PNIC DNAME              PKTTX/s  MbTX/s    PKTRX/s  MbRX/s %DRPTX %DRPRX

        33554434               vmnic2          - vSwitch1            640.87    3.35     725.51    1.14   0.00   0.00
        33554435               vmnic3          - vSwitch1            608.21    4.54     833.51    3.25   0.00   0.00
        33554436               vmnic4          - vSwitch1            914.10    6.04     318.29    0.34   0.00   0.00
        33554439   14414:test1i_L45     all(3) vSwitch1           1166.58   10.60     840.90    1.39   0.00   0.03
        33554440   14414:test1_L45     all(3) vSwitch1              0.00    0.00       0.00    0.00   0.00 100.00
        33554479 28611012:test2_L     all(3) vSwitch1            177.15    1.57     118.49    0.39   0.00   0.20
        33554480 28611012:test2_L     all(3) vSwitch1            161.65    0.39     220.54    1.67   0.00   0.11



      I am seeing %DRPRX  value get to 100% for both vm's. However there are 2 line entries for each vm in this output. I assume this is because there are 2 port ids as each vm belongs to 2 seperate tagged vlans. This requires each vm to belong to 2 port groups... (not sure on this part)


      What I am trying to understand is why there are higher percentage drops showing on one of the 2 entries for a given host that shows little throughput. There is still small percentage of drops across the other interfaces but technically this is all in memory so is it not the same buffers??? I have found articles that talk about increaseing rx buffers or chaning the vnic driver to  vmxnet3 (this is solaris guest os).


      These drop percentages are constant so before I make any changes I want to make sure I am reading this correctly and understang it. There is much about the internals of vmware that I am still learning.


      Thanks in advance for any assistance in understanding this data better.