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    Are ESXi Patches Accumulative?

    StephenMoll Enthusiast

      I have a few boxes running ESXi 4.1.0 Build 260247.


      Some projects have finished and the boxes have come back into the pool and are being prepped in advance of the next project.


      I checked the "Download Patches " for ESXi 4.1.0 and notice that there are several patch updates since build 260247.


      A couple of questions though if I may:


      (1) Do all the patches have to be applied in sequence, or do I only need to apply the last one? I.e. does the last patch contain an accumulation of all patches to v4.1?


      (2) The boxes are HP DL380G6's and were originally installed with a ESXi build downloaded from HP's website. Can I use the patches from VMware's "Download Patches" page, or should I be going back to HP for updates?


      Many thanks, in anticipation.