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    Moving VM's from a stand alone ESXi host to vCenter

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      We have 2 VMware environment in work.


      A production environment which consists of the four ESXi 4.1 hosts managed by vCenter 4.1 with enterprise licenses.


      We have a stand alone ESXi 4.1 host with the standard free license.


      I have a Windows XP VM on the test box.  I need to make a template of the VM and then deploy a few new VM's from it.  Now here lies the problem.  I want to do all of this but have the VM's running on the test box.  Obviously these features are not included in the free ESXi license.


      However I'm thinking I could download the VMDK files from the test box, import them into vCenter and then make a template in there.  I could deploy VM's from the template in vCenter power them down, download the VMDK files and then upload them to the test box.


      I'm fairly sure this is possible but I'm just want to make sure.