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    jay49davis Lurker

      Hello; I am new to the VM world, but have extensive IT experience. I am trying to carve a career niche for myself in the VM world -- not only with server virtualization, but ThinApp and Cloud expertise. In my work environment there is not much time for developing this so it will be done onmy own time.


      I need a concise direction so as to maximize what little time I have after a 11 hour work day 7 days a week.


      Please help! 

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          whereswaldo Lurker

          I am also looking to transition my career in this direction.  Any information on specifics on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

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            RaZaKKaZaR Enthusiast

            Hello jay49davis and whereswaldo,


            I was in the same boat as you some years ago.  There is no shortcut that I am aware of, but the following tips should help you get up to speed quicker.


            1. The best way to get started is with hands-on practice with Server Virtualization (leave ThinApp\View and vCloud stuff for after you get the basics down).  Download the vSphere Trial, and build your own lab:  Two ways you can go: 100% Virtual lab on VMware Workstation 8 or, if you have the budget, a HW environment built with VMware-compatible components\systems (Search Google for "vsphere whitebox").  You may want to skim blog posts and YouTube videos on how to get started.


            2.  Learn from others; you don't have to go it alone.  There are MANY knowledgeable people in the VMware Community, and we love helping each other. .  You may want to check out YouTube videos, blogs, and books from Duncan Epping, Scott Lowe, and many other vExperts out there.  Sometimes, they even respond to questions that you post to their web sites.


            3.  If there is a roadblock you run into, search the VMware Communities site.  I can guarantee at least 1 person has encountered whatever you will find, and he\she has posted the solution online here already


            4. Once you get up to speed on Server Virtualization, you are ready to move on to VMware View(ThinApp) and vCloud Director:

            a. VMware posted a VMware View (including ThinApp) bootcamp online

            b. vCloud is growing in popularity out there.  So, it seems to be getting more of the attention from the community.  look out for many more articles coming out about it.  just search Google to start getting your feet wet.


            Sorry that I could not be more specific.  If I go into too much detail, I'll be writing pages upon pages, and it doesn't seem you like you have time for that.


            Again, the best way to get started is to get out there and just get hands-on with the technology.  Good luck, and welcome to the Community!!!!!!!

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              mittim12 Guru

              I haved moved this thread from the VMware View Bootcamp forum over to the Virtual Lounge.

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                whereswaldo Lurker

                Thank you very much for the information.  I have actually been building my own hardware lab in my garage for virtualization practice.  So, I guess that I am on the right track.  I will continue to follow your advice.  Thank you.

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                  keiooz Enthusiast

                  Everyone wants to learn new things and as far as I have done with VM, I have learned a lot through out the months. Good luck to you then.