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    VMware View PCOIP with CheckPoint EndPoint VPN Client Installed

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      I wanted to post this since this issue may occur with some users using CheckPoint VPN.


      Currently we have


      VMware View 4.5 Server

      2 Connection Servers

      Users using Laptops


      For over a month randomly some computers were unable to connect to VMware View Desktop with PCOIP, only RDP worked for them. Since our Call Center used Dual Monitors we could not use RDP since it wouldn't use MultiMonitor.


      The users kept getting "The Connection to the Remote Computer has timed out" after trying to connect to their desktop. It would also display a black screen for 15 seconds before receiving the error message. To try to fix it we had to reassign Desktop in one of our pools to see if it connects.


      I was stumped since this started happening out of now where and I was trying to pinpoint what happened and what was causing it. It was also puzzling that are home users and remote offices did not have this issue.


      Looked at the Windows Firewall, Network Switches, DNS, VMware View Server settings.... and do not find anything.


      Finally we found that it was Checkpoint EndPoint client causing the issue. We use both SSL Web Login and the client. We rolled out the client for better network performance and also having an easier way to connect to the VPN. But it turns out it seems to block using PCOIP randomly at times. After uninstalling, it resolved the issue.


      The strange part is if you are connected to the VPN with the client installed, this issue does not occur. Only when the client is not connected the issue occurs.